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‘Old’ Movies Whose Special Effects Still Hold up Today

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Some of the movies we grew up on are great for so many reasons; and a big part of that was the special effects that went into them. Remember how real the dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic Park’ looked? Or how jaw dropping it was when the White House was obliterated in ‘Independence Day’? While we may laugh at some of the effects in past movies compared to the insanely real visuals in today’s movies; some can still be classified as ‘Awesome’! Visit this article for a list of 8 ‘Old’ Movies Whose Special Effects Still Hold up Today, as well as the most notable parts in the movie (complete with video)!

Which major flicks did they leave off the list?

How ILM Turned Mark Ruffalo into The Hulk

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what visual effects brings to film and game. The artists who work in this industry do make magic happen.

We thought you would enjoy seeing how ILM turned Mark Ruffalo into “The Hulk.” Three Cogswell alumni worked on the film. Greg Smith as a Digital Modeler, Adam Lawson as an Animator and Vincent Parker as a Video Playback Engineer.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

ILM Official YouTube Channel

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

ILM on YouTube

So a friend and I were just talking about the guests from Industrial Light and Magic we having coming to the school on 24th of this month and we got onto the subject of visual effects. This isn’t surprising since our esteemed guests are wizards in visual effects, but i digress. Anyway, he was telling me how he is subscribed to ILM’s official behind the scenes channel on YouTube. This… REALLY surprised me since I love watching the behind the scenes features on DVD’s and whatnot. I had no idea that this page existed and it makes me super happy that I can now look behind the scenes of these amazing films. Thanks Davain!

I always encourage people to watch these kinds of things if they are interested in the film industry at all. If gives you tons of insight on how things work and it’s very inspirational. so here it is, go check it out!


Wizards of VFX

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Professionals from ILM

Hey Peoples!

I have some really exciting news! On January 24th Cogswell will be hosting two professionals from Industrial Light and Magic! These guys are the wizards of Visual Effects and will be talking about their experiences in the industry as well as screening their award-winning short film, The 3rd Letter. The location and details are below, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hear their stories and ask them questions!

Date: Tuesday, January 24
Time: 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Place: Dragon’s Den at Cogswell College, 1175 Bordeaux Dr, Sunnyvale

Also, here is some info about our esteemed guests:

Grzegorz Jonkajtys was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1972 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland in 1995. Grzeg has been working in the advertising, animation and feature film industry for over 12 years. While working in Poland (Platige Image) and in the US (Digital Kitchen, Cafefx, Syndicate, Industrial Light & Magic), he contributed as a vfx artist and animation lead on films including Sin City, Hellboy, Blade III, Pan’s Labyrinth, Mist, Terminator Salvation and the just released Red Tails. He is best known for writing and directing his second film The Ark for which he was nominated for a Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007 and won Best of Show in the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater that same year. In 2010 Grzegorz completed work on The 3rd Letter, a live action dystopian drama starring Rodrigo Lopresti. The film is currently being exhibited in film festivals worldwide. Grzegorz lives and works in San Francisco.

Bastiaan Koch is a film producer, director, writer, the founder of Marauder Film, and a five year digital visual-effects artist with LucasFilm’s famed production house; Industrial Light & Magic. Of Dutch decent, Bastiaan moved around the globe at an early age, living in Atlanta, Berlin, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Bombay. With schooling at Rugby and degrees in both business and industrial design in London, Bastiaan soon began working with Danny Boyle on his Sci-Fi film; Sunshine, and later working professionally as a film director and feature film visual-effects artist with major studios across London (Moving Picture Company, CineSite-Kodak, Double Negative) and in Los Angeles (Digital Domain) for over five years. The last five years found Bastiaan working within the art department on Michael Bay’s, Transformers 2 & 3, Gore Verbinski’s, Rango, Peter Berg’s, Battleship and Gillermo Del Toro’s, Pacific Rim, among others at George Lucas’ studio. Bastiaan wrote and produced the award winning Sci-Fi film The 3rd Letter, which has received top honors at festivals globally. He is now co-writing/directing the feature film action-movie, In God We Trust and a British feature period-piece/Sci-Fi; Blue Blood. Bastiaan continues to develop Marauder’s feature film projects while managing its growing commercial department.