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Dare of the Week: 005

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Top 10 Study/Doing Homework Songs

Oh wow, I can’t believe its already time for the next dare! I was sitting and trying to come up with something a little different that ANYBODY could do and I think I have a good one. So here is comes ya’ll!

Dare of the Week: 005
Make a list of your Top 10 Study/Doing Homework songs!!!

The benefit to this is that you will be posting your lists in a public area, people will read them and could check you music that they might not have ever tried listening to otherwise. Post your lists here:


Small but Mighty – Cogswell College Lands on the Huffington Post Radar Screen

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

If you guys haven’t seen this article yet, go check it out! It’s cool that Cogswell is in the Top 10!

Click here to read the article