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Tis the Week After Finals

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Tis the week after finals, and all through Cogswell College,
Not a student is stirring, the halls quiet as a light outage.
They have all headed off for much needed sleep in their beds
While visions of final projects dance in their heads.

Sculptures, illustrations, animations, game design,
sound tracks and lines of code have all been consigned.
Now thoughts turn to home where mom’s cooking awaits,
As students pack up for the holiday waving goodbye to classmates.

But wait – the grades are not in yet,
Did I do everything I could? Did I place all my bets?
Are constant refrains as students awake in cold sweats,
Should I tweak one more thing? Will I have any regrets?

Panic sets in as students review sketches galore,
character rigs, 3D Models, audio recordings, robotics and more.
“Some pizza might help,” they said with a shiver,
But even pooling their resources, not enough to deliver.

Stomachs empty they concluded that life was too cruel,
With futures depending on grades had in school.
When all of a sudden, in strode the ghost of teachers past,
Reminding students that hard work is the thing that will last.

What do Michael, Albert, David, Tim, Kathy and Bret expect?
Your very best – with not one little defect.
“So slave away and don’t make such a fuss,
We care about you and your future success.”

“On all-nighters! On work till you drop! On just one more change!
On sore fingers and perfection must be within range!”
The message delivered, our ghost vanishes from sight,
But we hear it laughing outside in the night.

“But now it is done and you have done your best.
Happy finals are over, and to all, a good rest!”