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Alum Tobiah Marks Recalls His Time at Summer Camp

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Tobiah Marks just completed a dual degree in Digital Arts Engineering and Software Engineering.  As Tobiah recalls his involvement at Cogswell College, he remembers the start of it all: Being in high-school and attending Cogswell summer camps.  Here is his story:


How many summers did you participate in camp?

Three I believe . . .


What courses did you take at Cogswell’s summer camp?

Digipen Game Design (made a game in a week) and Maya 3D Modeling.


What was it like to be part of the summer camp experience?

Great. It was a lot of fun.


What did you learn?

Basic game programming and a lot about 3D Modeling which I hadn’t done before.


Did the camp have any influence on your major in college?

Not so much influenced but it encouraged what I was already thinking I wanted to do with my life.


Did the camp influence your decision to apply to Cogswell and enroll as a student?

VERY much so. Getting to know the staff and the students of Cogswell really helped me pick this school vs. others. The people here liked what I liked and were doing what I wanted to do.


What are the advantages of going to summer camp at Cogswell?

I was able to get to know the college. Plus, I was able to do the things I thought I wanted to do and see if I really liked it – and it’s just plain fun.