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Cogswell Students in Finals Week & Campus Holiday Hours

Friday, December 11th, 2009
Cogswell student Nathan Hillier takes a much needed nap on the Game Club couch.

Cogswell student Nathan Hillier takes a much needed nap on the Game Club couch.

Finals week is always apparent at Cogswell – you find students sleeping on couches, walking around looking like zombies or comparing with others which day and time they will be completely done with their finals. By the end of today, most students should be finished with their final and start their 4 week long holiday break!

When asked what they thought about finals, the students answered the following: (more…)

Ambassador Blog by Julia Campbell, Digital Art & Animation

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


Hi! I’m Julia Campbell and I’m a senior in the Digital Art and Animation program, with an Entertainment Design concentration. My favorite class this semester is honestly probably Creative Writing. I haven’t taken a humanities class since my undergraduate experience at Scripps College, and I’d forgotten how much fun they can be. Richard Schimf is also an excellent teacher and keeps the class interesting. My most challenging class this semester is Acting. I’ve always been terrified of physical performance in front of people, and taking the class is really forcing me to break out of that and get over my fears. It’s also interesting to see how a script can be performed in a variety of different ways for a variety of meanings, and I can see how it must help Animators to really understand those nuances.

What event am I most looking forward to this semester? Ooooh, well for a while it was definitely the jaunt out to see Where the Wild Things Are with the Associated Student Body. Now that that’s over, I’d probably have to say the next thing I’m looking forward to is the release of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog! I guess that will come out once school is finished, but I’ll probably still see it with classmates. I’m also excited about the Halloween party Cogswell will be hosting. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I love all of the extra events and fun that come with it!

Lucasfilm Recruiters Visit Cogswell

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Last Monday night Cogswell hosted a visit by Lucasfilm Recruiters. They showed some of the pioneering work the done by the various divisions of Lucasfilm, and even showed some work in production. They spoke about some of the changes in the industry and how graduating students can prepare for a career- in particular, the Jedi Academy Internship.

One of the most interesting points was that there are a few rare entry level positions with these companies. They are looking for strong Riggers at the moment, and they are always looking for entry level Technical Directors. The Recruiter from Lucasfilm Animation stressed that your chances of landing an entry level job increase exponentially if you are an animator but you have some programming and scripting under your belt.

This visit highlights the importance of always keeping a reel in progress. If you were prepared on Monday night, there was a good chance you could have picked up a rigging gig at LucasArts! Just another example of why it is better to prepare than to plan. Many times students hear about openings and start to prepare a reel, but by the time they are ready the opportunity has long passed. Be diligent and always have your best work ready to show to recruiters.

I want to mention that we are running Rigging 1 right now, and we will offer Rigging 2 next semester. You probably already know that we updated our Scripting for CG class that we are running now, and if there is interest, we can run again next term. One other course to note is the new Game Level Design 2 on the schedule next semester. The Spring 2010 class schedule will be released next week.

Keep your eyes open for the next industry visit, and keep that reel up to date!

-Michael Martin, Dean of the College

The Offering Premieres for Cogswell Community

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


On Thursday, October 1 at 12:30 pm in the Dragon’s Den, we will premiere the Cogswell-produced short animated film: The Offering. This animated short film was produced on campus by Cogswell students! The film has never been played before an audience, so the Cogswell community, including a few VIPs, will have the privilege of being the very first audience

Assistant Professor Michael Huber and the Special Project/Senior Project students worked tirelessly for three semesters to produce this studio-quality short film. They were supported by a massive collaborative effort from faculty, staff, visiting artists, industry professionals and alumni. This film is sure to attract the attention of studios and inspire prospective students everywhere.

Please pass the word: lunch and drinks will be provided. Come and see the premiere of this ambitious and artfully constructed film. Come celebrate the immense efforts of your friends and fellow Cogswell students.

This is a campus only event, so only current students, faculty, staff, and a few VIPs will be admitted. There will be a formal public premier at a later date.

-Michael Martin, Dean of the College

Fall Orientation at Cogswell

Monday, September 14th, 2009
New students hanging out in the ASB Office - See slideshow below!

New students hanging out in the ASB Office - See slideshow below!

On August 20th, Cogswell welcomed 32 new students entered to the campus during. The morning started with placement tests and ended with a delicious lunch from Boston Market in the Dragon’s Den. The room was packed full of faculty, staff and returning students, all there to meet and greet the newcomers! After lunch, the new students were split into teams and sent on a scavenger hunt to help familiarize them with the campus. For each item on the list, they had to take a picture of the item with one of their teammates in the photo. Everyone had a great time running up and down the halls trying to beat the other teams.

In the afternoon students received important information about how to access the Cogswell email and student portal systems, the campus judicial system and financial aid. Afterwards, everyone was treated to a Pasta Pomodoro dinner and Laser Tag! The 38 new and returning students, family and staff that attended had a great time at LaserQuest in Mountain View.

We talked to a group of new students, Maya Sundaran (MS), Aaron Weingarten (AW), Alex Hendowski (AH), Miles Philippe (MP) and Ed Fentiman (EF) about their experience at Orientation.


Finals week! Oh noes!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


It’s finals week at Cogswell!! Finals week is always a time of stress as students stay up all night cramming for the next day’s exam or finishing up the last project. It’s also an exciting time as well though – finals mean the end of the semester and two weeks of vacation! While they were “deep in the trenches,” we asked students how much sleep they got, what was their hardest final and what they plan to do when it’s over!

“I tried to go to bed at 10 pm last night, but that didn’t work. I still managed to get 7 hours of sleep though! My hardest final this semester is storyboarding. Why? It’s a Jeff Jackson class! After finals I’m going to empty out the Game Club room, paint it and buy some new things from Ikea to furnish it.”

~ Brody Brooks, Junior, Digital Art & Animation – Modeling, Game Club President

“I slept for about 5 hours last night. Trig is my hardest final because math is tough! After finals I’m going to PARTY for 2 weeks!!”

~ Charles Hill, Freshman, Digital Art & Animation – Game Development & Modeling