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Finals week! Oh noes!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


It’s finals week at Cogswell!! Finals week is always a time of stress as students stay up all night cramming for the next day’s exam or finishing up the last project. It’s also an exciting time as well though – finals mean the end of the semester and two weeks of vacation! While they were “deep in the trenches,” we asked students how much sleep they got, what was their hardest final and what they plan to do when it’s over!

“I tried to go to bed at 10 pm last night, but that didn’t work. I still managed to get 7 hours of sleep though! My hardest final this semester is storyboarding. Why? It’s a Jeff Jackson class! After finals I’m going to empty out the Game Club room, paint it and buy some new things from Ikea to furnish it.”

~ Brody Brooks, Junior, Digital Art & Animation – Modeling, Game Club President

“I slept for about 5 hours last night. Trig is my hardest final because math is tough! After finals I’m going to PARTY for 2 weeks!!”

~ Charles Hill, Freshman, Digital Art & Animation – Game Development & Modeling