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Ambassador Blog by Julia Campbell, Digital Art & Animation

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

juliaHi! I’m Julia Campbell and I’m a senior in the Digital Art and Animation program, with an Entertainment Design concentration. I’m also one of the Cogswell ambassadors.

As an ambassador, I get to talk to prospective students and their families and give tours as well as help out at school events. Occasionally the ambassadors get to go along with Admissions staff to talk at schools. We also do a lot of data entry and packet making – all necessary to keep the school and interested prospies (prospectives) up to date.

I applied for the position because I love the school and feel there’s a lot of potential here. My goal is to try to help find students who will strengthen Cogswell as well as benefit from it. I enjoy meeting new people and talking about the college experience with them, and feel I have a different perspective since I already have a degree from a liberal arts college.

My favorite part is probably meeting the new prospies and getting to hear what they’re interested in – and seeing the portfolios they bring in! – then being able to tell them that their goals are viable and within reach with a college like Cogswell.

I found Cogswell when I was looking through the education section of the forums on I’d been looking for a digital art school for a couple of months but hadn’t seen Cogswell’s name come up before. I found the school website and when I saw that it was just a 15 minute drive south of me I went down the very next day to take a look. Once I had the tour and saw some of the work on the walls I knew it was where I wanted to be.


Ambassador Blog by Julia Campbell, Digital Art & Animation

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


Hi! I’m Julia Campbell and I’m a senior in the Digital Art and Animation program, with an Entertainment Design concentration. My favorite class this semester is honestly probably Creative Writing. I haven’t taken a humanities class since my undergraduate experience at Scripps College, and I’d forgotten how much fun they can be. Richard Schimf is also an excellent teacher and keeps the class interesting. My most challenging class this semester is Acting. I’ve always been terrified of physical performance in front of people, and taking the class is really forcing me to break out of that and get over my fears. It’s also interesting to see how a script can be performed in a variety of different ways for a variety of meanings, and I can see how it must help Animators to really understand those nuances.

What event am I most looking forward to this semester? Ooooh, well for a while it was definitely the jaunt out to see Where the Wild Things Are with the Associated Student Body. Now that that’s over, I’d probably have to say the next thing I’m looking forward to is the release of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog! I guess that will come out once school is finished, but I’ll probably still see it with classmates. I’m also excited about the Halloween party Cogswell will be hosting. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I love all of the extra events and fun that come with it!

Ambassador Blog by Rachel Staley, Digital Audio Technology Major

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

RachelStaleyHi! My name is Rachel Staley and I am an Ambassador at Cogswell College. I am a Senior this year and my degree program is Digital Audio Technology with a concentration in Audio Production. Someday I hope to do sound effects realm for film or sound composition for games.

My favorite class this semester is Style and Idea in Music. Every week I’m learning about what exactly characterizes different music genres. There are weekly composition assignments where we put our new found knowledge to the test and write in styles we might not be familiar with. My most challenging class is C Programming because it’s like learning a different language, literally.

This semester I’m looking forward to the events that aren’t even planned yet. Haha! We have a revamped ASB with a lot of fresh faces, so I’m looking forward to the new ideas for outings… maybe an ice skating night? Perhaps?

Ambassador Blog by Josh Hodges, Digital Art & Animation Major

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


Hi! My name is Josh Hodges and I am an Ambassador at Cogswell College. I am a Senior in Digital Art & Animation Program – majoring in Entertainment Design (wanting to be a character and creature concept artist).

My favorite and most challenging class this semester is Project X. It sparks my creativity and pushes me beyond my limits and minimal sleep requirements. I love it though, it’s what I want to do for the rest of my career in the industry.

I DJ many events at Cogswell and love them all. The event I am looking forward to is a “work in progress.” It’s going to be a really relaxed – chill out night – I visualize low lights, couches, maybe some mixed drinks (virgin of course) and some really chill lounge/club/low-fi music.