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Spanish Student Exchange Program at Cogswell

Friday, August 21st, 2009
The Spanish Exchange students with instructor Peter Mo (3rd from right)

The Spanish Exchange students with instructor Peter Mo (3rd from right)

After having the Spanish exchange students with us at Cogswell College for 6 weeks, we were really sad to see them go! Before they left, we caught up with Marta Pena (MP), Cristobal de la Torre (CT), Juan Carlos Montero Díaz (JD) and Javier Ángel Nieto Moncó (JM) to ask about their experiences.

Rachael: Is this your first trip to the United States?

MP: Yes

CT: Yes, this is the first time that I am in USA

JD: No, it’s my second trip

JM: Yes, it’s my first trip to United States. Really, it’s the first trip to United States of one member of my family!

Rachael: What are the biggest differences between studying in the US and Spain?

MP: The educational system. In Spain there is lots of theory that only get tested at the end of the year through long and tedious xams. In the US, everything seems to be more into practicing, homework and every-day efforts. Also the teachers… because the system is different, the teachers create a different atmosphere… more dynamic and practical.

CT: Studies here are more friendly, classes are so funny and [we get more] practice

JD: Here the classes are more practical, the teacher help you more and the computers are better

JM: I think that the biggest differences are that the classes are more practical here and the teachers are [less formal] than in Madrid. Another difference is the computers, because here are better.


Instructors of Spanish Exchange Students Reveal All!

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
The Spanish Students in the Level Design Workshop

The Spanish Students in the Level Design Workshop

Once again, Cogswell has had the wonderful opportunity of hosting students from Spain for an accelerated set of classes. We caught up with their instructors Albert Chen (AC), Mike Roberts (MR) and Peter Mo (PM) to ask them a few questions about the experience.

Rachael: What courses are you teaching the group this summer?

AC: I am teaching an Introduction to Level Design using Unreal Editor 3.0 and Digital Production Studio.

MR: Basic edgeloop character modeling in Modo since they know Maya already, basics of pelt mapping the character in Modo and Maya, basics of texturing and sculpting in Modo and Zbrush.

PM: I am teaching Introduction to 3D Animation and Texture Painting and Look Development.