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Halo 4 Music

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I was browsing some digital audio articles today and came across a behind the scenes video for the music of Halo 4. In it they talk about how melding the digital and analog sounds and how creating something different really takes a fresh look at the scene. This is very much what the audio students here at Cogswell do, I have seen them work on projects like Worlds Apart and Genre Electronica and it really reflects what the professionals are trying to hard to do: Create Something New but still familiar. In addition to that, there is the eternal struggle of keeping both sides of a project just as high quality as the other, without a compelling soundtrack, a really pretty visual can fall flat. Anyway, I really enjoyed the video and I thought you guys might like it as well. Hope it inspires you to go out and make more amazing music and sound.

Epic Tutorial: 003

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Justice Bass Tutorial

EPIC TUTORIAL TIME!!! This one is for you sound guys out there. If you are at all a Justice fan like myself, then you might like this great little tutorial about how to achieve that signature bass sound that Justice fills their fan’s ears with. Do it audio students, and then send me your track that you make with it! See you around.