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Cogswell’s Senior Quotes

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


One of the traditions at the annual Senior Dinner is to have the seniors fill out cards about their experiences while at Cogswell.  Here are this year’s responses:

When I leave Cogswell, the thing I am going to miss the most is….

“The Game Club couch.  My home away from home.”

“The community.  Knowing the name of every student.  Calling the teachers by their first names.  It was a level of friendliness hard to find at larger schools.”

“Working with other friends and students to learn how to work as a team on fun and challenging projects.”

Being able to go to the movies with a group of people who afterwards discuss the sub-surface-scattering and deformation.”

“Ice Station Zebra.”

“Working on projects late into the night while watching movies and listening to music in the classrooms.”

“Developing relationships with my fellow classmates in my major as we took this journey together, being in the same classes.”

“The interaction with instructors and fellow students.”

“That vending machine that gives you back more change than you put in.”

My favorite class at Cogswell was….. (more…)