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Lucasfilm Recruiters Visit Cogswell

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Last Monday night Cogswell hosted a visit by Lucasfilm Recruiters. They showed some of the pioneering work the done by the various divisions of Lucasfilm, and even showed some work in production. They spoke about some of the changes in the industry and how graduating students can prepare for a career- in particular, the Jedi Academy Internship.

One of the most interesting points was that there are a few rare entry level positions with these companies. They are looking for strong Riggers at the moment, and they are always looking for entry level Technical Directors. The Recruiter from Lucasfilm Animation stressed that your chances of landing an entry level job increase exponentially if you are an animator but you have some programming and scripting under your belt.

This visit highlights the importance of always keeping a reel in progress. If you were prepared on Monday night, there was a good chance you could have picked up a rigging gig at LucasArts! Just another example of why it is better to prepare than to plan. Many times students hear about openings and start to prepare a reel, but by the time they are ready the opportunity has long passed. Be diligent and always have your best work ready to show to recruiters.

I want to mention that we are running Rigging 1 right now, and we will offer Rigging 2 next semester. You probably already know that we updated our Scripting for CG class that we are running now, and if there is interest, we can run again next term. One other course to note is the new Game Level Design 2 on the schedule next semester. The Spring 2010 class schedule will be released next week.

Keep your eyes open for the next industry visit, and keep that reel up to date!

-Michael Martin, Dean of the College

Scripting for CG Added to Fall 2009 Schedule

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Learn how to use Python, which you can run on its own or control programs like Maya and Blender. Automate tasks you already know how to do and create tools that can help you save time and effort on your projects.  This is a class for artists, engineers, musicians, and others who understand the need for scripting, but don’t intend to work as programmers, or even for people who don’t understand the need for programming, but want to simplify their work flow.

Kevin Park has worked with Cogswell students and faculty this summer to design a class that is useful and enjoyable.

Sign up now: SWE105 TR 10:15 – 12:30 pm

-Michael Martin, Dean of the College