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Behind the Scenes of some Tron Effects

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz

Hey you guys!

I was looking through some articles about movie effects and came across a really cool one on a guy that did some effects for Tron Legacy. You really need to read it! He is pretty much describing the essence of mixing Art and Engineering!


Need Help Finding A Studio? CG Maps Can Help!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

All students of Cogswell are looking for the design studios out there that are leading in the digital medium of today but in the sea of developing houses all over the world, how can anyone keep track of it all?

CG Studio Maps has solved that problem!

Introducing for both Cogswell Alumni and Students: This site has all the big names such as Pixar, PDI Dreamworks, EA, Lucasfilm and smaller companies that are on the rise and looking for artists such as yourself. I hope that all who visit the site take advantage of its capabilities (Since there’s HUNDREDS of companies to research, I’m sure you’ll have plenty to look for). Happy hunting everyone!

-Davain M.

Thanks to Jessica “Psy” De Lacy for informing me about the site.