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OM3D – 3D Manipulation of 2D Photos

Friday, November 14th, 2014

When it comes to editing photographs, Photoshop reigns supreme. But what if there was a better approach to editing a photograph? What if you could take an element within a picture and have full manipulation control over everything about it? Better yet, what if you could do it for free? Researchers over at Carnegie Mellon and the University of California found a way to do just that – through the announcement of a new, free, suite of 3D manipulation software. Their software, titled OM3D, allows a user to take an object within a 2D photograph and turn it into a 3D model. That model can then be manipulated and moved around the photo however the user desires. It also allows the users to adjust the lighting and texture of an object in order to blend in with its surroundings. The software achieves this by utilizing vast libraries of stock photographs and 3D models, and compares them to the two dimensional object the user wishes to shape. It then merges the attributes from the library of stock photos with that of the 2D object to create a 3D model that is viewable from every angle. Once the model is created, the photograph can be freely edited.


Dare of the Week: 010

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Self Portrait

Hello once again readers!

So we took a little break from the Dare of the Week because everyone has been so busy. After a nice little rest I think we are probably all ready to get back at it again. I am going to ease us back in with a simple dare. This time around we are going to do a photography challenge! This one should be accessible by everyone, if you don’t have a camera, chances are you have a phone and that phone probably has a camera on it. So enough talking you into it, let’s find out what the challenge is…

Dare of the Week: 010
Do a fun or interesting self-portrait!

My only requirement for this dare is that it needs to be well composed! So put a little thought into it, maybe even take it into Photoshop and check all the levels? Who knows, it could come out better than you thought it would (below is an example of mine).

Dare of the Week: 010

And remember, once you are finished, post those final images here: