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Dare of the Week: 012

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Draw a Monster
Hey Students!

This week we have a special dare that caters to your world right now: Finals Week. I know that finals week can be a terrible and horrifying monster that is only nearly rivaled by the Mid-Terms Monster and that can really stunt creativity. So what kind of solution can we come up with to battle that creative block? Well, how about a dare that helps you visualize what YOUR Finals Week Monster looks like. Make it scary, ugly, mean, sad, cute, fluffy, slimy, alien, dark, gruesome… it doesn’t matter! It’s your monster! Maybe making it cute will help you feel better about your finals!

Dare of the Week: 012
What did your “Finals Monster” look like???

Source File Here:

I have uploaded the guidelines file (above) that the people over at Eat Sheep used to make their monster. I thought maybe having a similar “rig” would be fun to see how people fit the parameters with their monster. The only thing I ask is…FINISH YOUR FINALS FIRST, please. Good luck on all your tests, projects and papers! Can’t wait to see your monsters! (P.S. – I included some examples and even a video tutorial)

Monsters from Eat Sheep

And remember, once you are finished, post those monsters here: