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Death Boulder Bones is in the Running to Win the Next Game Boss Competition

Friday, March 8th, 2013

IGN’s Youtube web series, The Next Game Boss, has a Cogswell College alumnus connection. Seth Robles who graduated from Cogswell in 2005 is the Lead Artist on the Death Boulder Bones game that is one of the final three games in contention for the $10,000 prize.

Death Boulder Bones, a product of Grandendroit, is an innovative new auto-runner game. The twist is that the game player controls the environment instead of the character. Using their mouse or touch screen, players draw walls, jumps and even control time itself in order to lead the near-sighted adventurer, Dr. Indianapolis Bones, to the exit. Along the way, gamers challenge themselves to collect the many artifacts and secrets hidden throughout each level.

“Early player response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Robles, “and the game is expected to shake up the runner genre.”

Grandendroit began in 2009 when coder Eli Delventhal and artist Seth Robles met during the first Global Game Jam at Cogswell College. Frustrated with the difficulty of realizing their creativity at their day jobs with the gaming establishment, Grandendroit became a place for their own ideas to take flight. In 2011, they began work on an innovate auto-runner game, Death Boulder Bones.

As for the results . . . you’ll just have to watch! Check out their website to see the episode where the final two competitors are selected. Will Death Boulder Bones be one of them?

They currently have a Kickstarter Campaign underway to raise funding for further development ahead of the games official release this summer.

Let us know what you think about their game!