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Modern Warfare Alumni (there are three of them, and it’s MW3…get it?)

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Greg Reisdorf & Rosie

Ron Andaya

Check it out guys! So a couple days ago, MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) was released and everyone here at Cogswell was pretty excited – especially since we had a few alumni who worked on the game. Greg Reisdorf and Rosie Wrede (grads of 2003) were at Best Buy with some of their team and Ron Andaya (grad of 2005) was at GameStop. They were all signing swag!!!

We have cool celebrity Alumni! (Below is a little blurb about each of them)

Greg Reisdorf (2003 grad) – Greg, a Sr. Level Designer, blocks out the level and makes iterations on the design. He also makes sure that the pacing and combat are good. Another aspect of his job is to ensure that the objectives work and players understand the level. Greg previously worked on Dante’s Inferno, Godfather I & II and Knockout Kings 2003.

Rosie Wrede (2003 grad) – Rosie, a Level Designer, pretty much does the same thing as Greg. She has worked on Tiger Woods 2007, Godfather II, Dead Space 1 & 2.

Ron Andaya (2005 grad) – Ron is a Technical artist which means he makes sure everything runs at frame rate, tweaks the game and works with the artists to maintain 60(beautiful)fps! He worked on Dante’s Inferno, Godfather I & II and Dead Space 1 & 2.