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Samsung Tests Caxixi Application for the Omnia II Device at Cogswell

Friday, December 4th, 2009

CaxixiOn November 5, students at Cogswell were marching to the beat of a new drum – one they were testing for the Samsung Electronics Mobil Communications Lab. Caxixi (pronounced ca shi shi) – a new application written for Samsung Windows Mobile phones such as the Onmia – took center stage as Cogswell Digital Audio Technology students put the program through its paces.


Sumi Lim, Senior Marketing Manager and Martin Tannefors, Director Samsung Mobile Innovator, brought phones loaded with Caxixi and a film crew to campus then let the students explore the possibilities. Michael Novak, Chair of Cogswell’s Board of Trustees, put Samsung in touch with Cogswell. Thanks to Cogswell’s proximity to Samsung’s location in North San Jose and the College’s fully equipped audio labs, it was a perfect match.

Caxixi_phoneShaking the phone using various arm motions releases the pleasing, pebble against drum-head sound. The application can be used as a solo instrument or – in the Studio mode – lets you to arrange backing tracks, record arrangements, mix them together into your own songs and then send them to others. Users can even export them as WAV files to create personalized ringtones for their phones.

Our crew had a great time rocking to their own beat. Watch the video on YouTube!

-Bonnie Phelps, Dean of Institutional Advancement