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New Digital Audio Studio Enhances Learning Experience

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Cogswell College recently unveiled the latest upgrade to its arsenal of quality teaching/production resources – audio recording Studio C. This is the latest in a series of recent upgrades to our recording studios and we are sure it will not be the last as our Digital Audio Technology (DAT) degree program continues to grow. Since the fall term of 2010, enrollment in the program has grown 81 percent.

The DAT program strives to give students the opportunity to master a variety of different hardware and software systems widely used in the audio recording industry as well as support the broad set of passions our diverse students bring. The new studio features a 24 channel digital mixing console, 18 channels of computer IO and a brand new Mac Pro. Studio C’s location next to the campus event center, known as the Dragon’s Den, provides our DAT students the chance to record both live performances by orchestras or bands in the large Dragon’s Den as well as capture “dry” vocals, SFX or voiceovers through the adjacent voiceover booth.

The studio is highly configurable giving the students the capacity to run events, edit, mix, record and/or listen to recorded material using all or part of the installed digital audio workstation or by patching in the student’s personal system. Access, practice and the ability to collaborate with other talented and innovative students are big differentiators in gaining the necessary skills to follow this career path.

“We expect this upgraded studio to facilitate the creation of many new student audio projects,” said Timothy Duncan, Director of the DAT program. “Its strategic balance of access and privacy should be a boon to student creativity.”

If you are on campus, we encourage you to learn more about what our audio studios offer.