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A Guide to Video Game Kickstarter Funding

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

In case you’ve been thinking about creating a Kickstarter campaign for one of your projects, here’s a handy – and very detailed – guide to answer all your questions. With a whopping 32 chapters, this online guide covers everything.

Chapter topics include: setting goals, structuring rewards, popularity rankings, building community, dealing with objections, the last 48 hours and so much more.

Let us know if you ran a Kickstarter campaign and how it went.

Beyond Kickstarter in Crowdsource Funding

Friday, April 12th, 2013

So Project Awakened didn’t reach its Kickstarter funding goal. Now what? In the case of Phosphor Games, the company decided to see if they could find investors through their website and a founder’s program – which looks suspiciously like the Kickstarter format.

While the potential to reach their fundraising goal looks remote – 29 days left to raise $150K – they are trying to listen to their fans and provide the game experience fans say they want.

In this article by Penny Arcade, Justin Corcoran, CEO of Phosphor Games, talks about their Kickstarter experience and the steps they took to breathe new life into their project. Equally interesting are the comments made by the readers about the game and chances for success.

Do you think this is a viable option for failed Kickstarter campaigns?