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Doug Solomon on Innovation

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Lecture about Innovation in New Venture

Yesterday I had the great honor and pleasure of sitting in on a class that was being led by a immensely genius man; Doug Solomon. The school was lucky to have a connection to his employer, IDEO, a company that deals in creating innovative solutions for companies. In Cogswell’s Entrepreneurial marketing class students work on marketing plans for their ventures while being instructed in marketing strategy for start-ups. They bring in a guest speaker each week to discuss real life topics. Doug graciously decided to come to the school and give a talk about innovation for new ventures to the Marketing class. The information that he provided on the creative process and the steps that are required to really understand the product, service or content for a client was by far some of the best I have ever heard. I was not alone in my opinion of Mr. Solomon, the students and faculty had many questions for him through his talk and soaked up his answers like it was distilled success. I think I speak for everyone who was there that we look forward to trying to get Doug back for another talk sometime soon.