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Robert Moog’s Birthday

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Google Doodle - Moog

Hello Everyone!

You may not have known but yesterday was Mr. Robert Moog’s birthday. If you don’t know who Robert Moog is and you are into the creation of music in any way, it’s about time you found out. Mr. Moog was the creator of the most famous analog synthesizer, The Moog Synthesizer. He created it in the mid 1960′s and inspired not just musical artists but nearly an entire genre of music. His accomplishments with how this little machine sounded and the range of nearly limitless possibilities is what made this instrument timeless. This creation gave way to the creation and experimentation of many more different synthesizers in the way of both hardware and software. Many of our students here at Cogswell, including myself, are all very thankful for the huge step that Mr. Moog took.

All of that aside, if you happen to use “The Google” yesterday, you would have seen their front page doodle of a fully functioning Moog Doodle that is mapped into a 4-track tape recorder. Not only is it extremely impressive but its also super fun…AND you can record a little tune and link someone to it!

So Mr. Moog, we salute you and thank you for your truly amazing work!

Link to Analog Moog Synthesizer:


Google Yourself

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Google Search Yourself

So I was here at work looking into Googles search algorithms and then I started searching different things. Eventually I remembered the big trend of “Googling” ones self and seeing what results were produced. So, I guess my question to you right now is, when was the last time your “Googled” yourself? And if your name has some sort of connection to your professional career and you are ranking high in Google’s search results, then you my friend, are doing quite well. Anyway guys, have some fun and Google yourself and friends see what comes up! You won’t believe the crazy things that come up when I Google myself. ;)

To see the Google search for my name, click here. Haha.