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The Top 5 Game Engines of the Future

Monday, February 11th, 2013

There’s Unity, there’s Unreal and we can’t forget about CryEngine 3 or Source but what does the future hold?

GameThirst created a video that looked into its crystal ball trying to envision what game engines of the future might make possible.

OK, you game enthusiasts out there, what are your favorite game engines now? We’d really like to hear from all you game programmers!

Creating Over the Top Effects in Your Games

Monday, February 4th, 2013

If you want to learn the secrets behind creating mind-boggling effects in your game, then take a few minutes to read the article that Keith O’Conor wrote for Game Developer Magazine in April 2012. Conor is a Senior Rendering Coder at Radical Entertainment.

Managing particle systems efficiently was a key task in building life-like special effects like dust, smoke and water into Cogswell’s Project X short animated films.

In the piece Conor talks about Radical Entertainment’s particle system composed entirely of a component-based feature set, techniques to reduce memory usage and fragmentation, managing vertex buffer memory demands, fine-tuning rendering performance and much more.

We highly recommend that all Cogswell Digital Art Engineering degree students check this article out. They have also included a snippet of code at the end of the piece.

Special effects as seen in the student animation "The Offering"