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Welcome back from the president of the Game Development Club!

Monday, January 24th, 2011

The first week of school is always one simple thing: Crazy! No matter if you are a freshmen nervous about starting new classes and meeting people, thinking that your lack of skill will turn people away from you (which it won’t by the way! We will help you) or whether you are a junior or senior nearing the end and wondering on earth you will get a job after school, the first week of school is always the craziest and loudest usually.  I am indifferent whether or not I like the first week of school but that doesn’t really matter and as much as I love getting sleep when I want it and need it and having no homework or tests to worry about, getting back into the mayhem of school at this point in my life is something that I am just use to, it also helps that I am the President of  Cogswell’s Game Development Club here on campus and this semester along with another we got an idea for a game that we want to make and get others involved with, which is the whole point of the club really. This ironically does add to the overall stress and fatigue of the semester, but whatever call me crazy!  You kind of have to be to really dig this school, and that’s what I love about it!  This thing called normalcy is overrated here and if you are a nerd looking to be involved in crazy schemes that will make you giggle with glee at the thought of making a video game or a short film or awesome music this is the place for you.

Classes I am always a little apprehensive about cause I don’t know if I will like them or not, example is that I took lighting and layout last semester, which teaches you how to create and use lighting and effects in a 3D program to make them look realistic.  I was hopeful for the class but after it was over I really didn’t care for it, lighting just isn’t my thing but it’s fine and I learned a new skill and that will help me out in the future.  This semester I got four classes and all of them are pretty cool for the exception of math, which hates me for some reason I just can’t figure out, despite that I am looking forward to learning new things about rigging and level design along with figuring out what “x” is and how economics work.  This semester will be a big I feel cause of the project(s) I am involved with along with classes school events and parties and welcoming the new students.  Just the average life of a Cogswellian Dragon!


Game Development Club Unveils Fall Plans!

Friday, September 25th, 2009


In their first meeting of Fall 2009, Game Development Club has put together plans for activities for the semester. The always popular Game Nights, Game Club’s bi-semester late night gaming extravaganzas were the first events added to the lineup. PC Game Night will take place in mid September and might coincide with an Andrew Fest. Console Game Night will take place in mid November, before the Thanksgiving break.

The Game in a Month event is back and will begin on September 10th. During Game in a Month (GIAM), small teams of club members collaborate to create a simple game, or at the very least, a proof of concept. Often times, teams of club veterans use Game in a Month events to iron out their past projects. Game in a Month also pairs seniors with freshmen, to give the freshmen help and insight.

This year the club will also start doing workshops to help those new to game development. Workshops will be lead by club officers and will be held on Fridays. The workshops include board game design, hard surface modeling, how to use Photoshop, how to use Game Maker and Construct, and low poly modeling.

With so much excitement going on, all students should join Game Development Club! See the club President, Brody Brooks, if you have questions.

~Rachael Reisdorf, Design Coordinator

Game Development Club Gets a New Look!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
Game Club President, Brody Brooks

Game Club President, Brody Brooks, painting the room. See more photos below!

Every few years, Cogswell’s Game Development Club likes to change the look of its room to match the tastes of the current members. In preparation for the Fall 2009 semester, Game Club President, Brody Brooks, brought together a group of the members to change the colors from stripes of blue to a dark grey with bright orange stripes.

“We wanted to give it a clean look and keep people’s eyes looking around the room,” says Brooks of the new design. And there’s plenty to look at around the room!

The new layout has been streamlined to define the various sections. Along the walls are desktop workstations, loaded with the programs needed to create games and available to all members at any time. One corner of the room is dedicated to resources such as game development and software books, tutorial videos, games to play for reference and files from past Game Club projects.

In the opposite corner, an entertainment section is stocked with various game consoles, a large TV and a chair and sofa set. In the center of the room is a new conference table for laptops and board games with industrial power strips mounted underneath for easy access.

The conference table was, literally, the biggest furniture change in the room and replaces the “space age” oversized table that preceded it. The desks that the workstations are on are also new and replace the previous set up of cubicle walls.

The final touches, which included having the floor waxed, hanging wall decorations, room organization and furniture moving took another week. Brooks says that the room is nearly finished, they just need one more desk and to sort out the old computers that have been lying around. He hopes that room will encourage students to come in and enjoy!

Read our other blog post about what Game Development Club is here.

~ Rachael Reisdorf, Design Coordinator