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Star Thief Studio Teaser – Animated Film and Interactive Book

Friday, December 19th, 2014

We’re excited to announce the teaser for the project that Star Thief Studio – one of our newer studio classes – coming in Spring 2015!

Star Thief Studios - Animated Film and Interactive Book

Star Thief Studio is one of several on-campus Project-Based Learning studios at Cogswell College. These studios mirror professional production studios and allow students to collaborate with their peers – whether they be artists, animators, technical artists, engineers and sound designers – to create outstanding large scale projects.

Star Thief Studio is guided by faculty with industry experience and student work is regularly critiqued by industry professionals. We are focused on creating engaging story-driven content in the form of animated shorts and interactive stories. Currently Star Thief Studio is working on an unannounced project which will feature a stand-alone animated short and an interactive version of the story, bundled together as an app for the iPad.

Our development artists work in a dedicated studio space and use everything from pencil, paint and clay to Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Renderman and Fusion. Much of our digital painting and sculpting is done on Cintiqs. Our engineers use tools like X Code, Flash Professional, and Maya, writing code in Objective C, C++ Maya API, Action Script, Mel Script and Python.

Star Thief Studio offers students the opportunity to be an important part of a major project that will deliver a great experience, film credit and professional quality content for their demo reel. The large group, project-based environment of Star Thief Studio gives students the opportunity to develop and exercise the skills needed to work effectively with a team over an extended period of time. Skills like communicating professionally, being a team player, taking initiative and learning to lead, as well as managing time-sensitive tasks and completing work within deadlines. In the end, students will have work for their portfolios which has been refined to an extremely high standard and used in a major animated and interactive project.

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Fusion Awards were out of this world!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

fusion award night 2011

The 2011 Fusion Awards were a big hit this year.  Most people were dressed smart (the posters did say ‘dress to impress, dress like a spy), the decorations were of stars and planets and dragon eggs, and the food was delicious.  The trophies were new as well this year and a big hit.  Similar to the one from the previous year they had the classic ‘dragon egg’ look that Cogswell Students so love.  The event was defiantly one of the fanciest events held on campus, perhaps only comparable to senior night.  Dresses varied from prom dresses and tuxedos, to simple cocktail dresses and polo shirts with slacks.

It was really great that this year the teachers of the different fields being judged came up and talked a bit about the category before the nominees were announced.  It was really refreshing to get to hear a nice introduction to the topics, particularly ones I didn’t understand as well, like rigging, lighting, and the music categories.  There were 15 different categories as follows; Music Production, Music Performance, Music Composition, Sound Design, Illustration, Sculpture, Concept Design, Photography, Texturing, Lighting, Modeling, Game, Rigging, Animation, Sequential Art.  This year was the first year that sequential art was a category, one that the comic club requested and got.  It’s nice how much power the students have on campus with influencing programs and the like.

Overall the evening was a beautiful evening, with some lovely star balloons, some of which now adorn my room.  The evening went really well, and we got exactly as many people as we had planned for (we had planned for way more than we thought we were going to get) next year I think we’ll have to plan for even more!

The Trophies