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Cogswell College on ABC News

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

esterday a camera crew from ABC News came and did a story on the Project X class and the films it has produced yesterday here on campus! It was really cool when a large group of us sat around the tv in the student lounge and watched when they aired it last night. Also, I just got the link for the online version! So, check it out everyone!

The link to the whole article is here:

Akira as a live action film…? Yes, please.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

So, as I have emphasized before, most everyone here at Cogswell has their nerdy tendencies, myself included (Nerd and Proud). That being said, there is a good chunk of anime that flows around this school and most of it I find to be rubbish. But, there is a large portion of us here that remember a great anime and it still stands today as such. Akira was one of the coolest bits of animation that I have ever layed my eyes upon and now they are making it into a live-action feature! Needless to say that we are pretty excited here! Check out the teaser!


Private Screening Went Swimmingly

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Hey everyone! Sorry my reply came so late. It’s been a busy week and I have some great things in store for you in the coming days.

What I wanted to tell you today was how great the private screening of Worlds Apart went. The night started out with a meet and greet with some snacks. As soon as Chuck (our Chancellor) took the stage you could tell that everyone was clinging to their seats with anticipation. After Chuck spoke, he invited a couple more people up to say a few words, one of which was the Director of Worlds Apart, Michael Huber. Mike talked about the process of making the film a bit and then had a few of the project leads come up and talk about their experiences on working on the film.

After the talking was done, Michael Huber introduced the film and the lights faded down. I wont say too much about the film because I’m really not supposed to, but I will say that what I saw was amazing and I couldn’t believe it was student work.

The impression that I got from around the room was that everyone’s reaction was similar to mine, astounded. After the film was finished Chuck opened the floor to questions and everyone stuck around to talk to the crew.

It was a very magical night overall and I am sure this film will take the festivals one by one.


Cogswell FLICKS-”Midnight In Paris”

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

We don’t have a film degree here at Cogswell, nor am I qualified to tell you that a movie has great direction, beautiful cinematography, and choice actors for each role. Regardless of all these facts, it will be my arrogance and fandom that tells all who read this to go check out Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”. A movie filled with jokes and references to 1920’s famous artists, we follow Gil Pender who’s Hollywood scripts have gained him much fame and fortune but not happiness. From the trailer it is shown that it was shot in the streets of Paris, France and emphasized much of the movie’s focus on the beauty of the cobblestone streets and magnificent sculptures and man does the movie show off!


Cogswell Alumna Lectures in India

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


2009 Digital Arts and Animation graduate Lilly Vogelesang, now a technical consultant for Toon Boom Animation Inc, presented a lecture and demonstration on using storyboard software to streamline and simplify the storytelling process to a crowd of student filmmakers at SRM Sivaji Ganesan Film Institute in Chennai, India.

“It saves a lot of time and money for the producers. The trick is to get into the practice of storyboarding and rehearse each scene,” said Vogelesang.

The event was covered by The Hindu newspaper.

Michael Martin, Dean of the College