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Cogswell Ambassador Blog – Josh Hodges

Monday, February 1st, 2010

JoshHodges2Hi everyone! It’s Josh Hodges, Cogswell Student Ambassador!

How did you find out about Cogswell and how did you make your decision to come here?

I found out about Cogswell through my high school, they had a recruiter come out every year and set up a table during our college fairs. Every time they came I would go and check out what new, cool things that the artists at the school were coming up with. When I checked out the schools website, I also found out that one of my favorite artists at the time, Stephanie Lostimolo, graduated from Cogswell. That was a big driving factor, because I wanted my art to be at her level, and if Cogswell could help her do it, then I wanted to attend as well.

What is your dream job? How is Cogswell helping to get you there?

My dream job? Well that is a fun one, my dream job could be a few things. But if I had to pick one, it would have to be Art Director. I love painting and working on concept for movies or games. But on top of that, I enjoy being organized and directing a team of peers toward an epic end-product. If I wasn’t an Art Director I would have to go with being a Lead Artist on a Concept team. It’s not the leadership/giving orders that appeals to me, it’s just the fact that I get to leave my mark on something and that fact that I get to contribute a little more to the process by making decisions. The company doesn’t really matter to me, but if I had to pick one, it would be Pixar. The emphasis they put on story and character puts them so far ahead of the game than other studios, and I love that. Cogswell is totally helping me get to this goal by having teachers that are passionate about the subjects I am interested in. That passion they have really comes through in their teaching.

What do you do as an ambassador? Why did you apply for it? What’s your favorite part about it? (more…)