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What Does the Game Design Manager Say?

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Screen shot from the video.

At Cogswell College we focus on learning by doing. While we don’t ignore the theory and principles behind a process, we don’t feel the learning is complete until you’ve actually undertaken a project and put the new skills to use.

The Fall Semester ‘Project Management’ class had to break up into teams and then develop promotional materials that would introduce people to one of Cogswell’s majors. The goal of the mid-term project’s assignment was for the collateral developed to interest people in becoming students at Cogswell. In order to successfully complete the project, students had to organize, assign tasks, set up a timetable, deliver the project and then evaluate their results.

“I wanted the finished piece to show the pride they take in their education, why they are excited about what they are doing and what they are about as students,” said Albert Chen, faculty for the class. “The assignment definitely reinforced the skills they learned during the class.”

This short video highlighting Cogswell’s Digital Media Management degree program and its Game Design & Business Modeling major was completed in two weeks by a team of six students. The students who worked on the project are: Vincent Velo, Andrew Traxler, Eric Tran, Frank Maddox, Oleksandra Keehl and Halsey Herms.

Eric Tran a Semi-finalist in Prestigious Entrepreneurship Competition

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Eric Tran, one of Cogswell’s Entrepreneurship bachelor degree students, was just notified that he is a semi-finalist in the Student Startup Madness Tournament, an exciting nationwide tournament-style competition for college student digital media startups.

Out of 64 teams, 32 teams have advanced to compete at the regional level. Two teams will emerge from each of the four regional competitions and form the ‘Entrepreneurial Eight’ who will then be invited to pitch their businesses at the national finals in Austin, Texas on March 11, 2013 in conjunction with South by Southwest Interactive.

Tran’s company, Parallel Players LLC, makes games that help people adopt healthy behaviors through meaningful game incentives. The player’s avatar becomes more powerful each time the player chooses healthy activities. The game’s primary audience is diabetics whose self-care is critical in order to reduce their risk of serious health issues like kidney disease or blindness.

This is the same company that Tran pitched at the National Elevator Pitch Competition as a finalist in Chicago in early November. You can see his elevator pitch entry here.

Each round of this nationwide tournament is designed to build momentum, awareness and social media buzz, drawing attention to colleges and universities as sources for innovation, entrepreneurship and talent while showcasing innovative university entrepreneurship programs and encouraging college students to start businesses.

The major sponsors for this year’s competition are Turner Broadcasting’s Media Camp, Foursquare and Rain Media.