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The Evolution of the Unreal Engine

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Unreal Engine

I have been playing games for a long time now and I can still remember when I first went to a friends house for a LAN party. I walked into the room and everyone was jumping around in this cool high-tech-ish world, shooting each other and using really crazy weapons. I leaned over to my friend and asked what everyone was playing and he told me it was something called “Unreal Tournament“. To me at the time, the graphics were pretty amazing but it was the game play and physics that really caught my eye. After that day I was totally sold on the Unreal Engine and the way that Epic Games would push each version so much further.

The reason I am writing about Unreal Engine is I was browsing Reddit for some relevent articles and saw this image.

The Evolution of Unreal Engine:

I just love the visual jumps in ability to use higher resolution maps and overall quality of game models, animation, physics and all the cool stuff that comes along with the release of a new version of a developers kit. And then! I remembered the trailer that I saw at GDC 2011.

Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 Tech Demo:

When I watch demo’s like that and read articles about the future of gaming, technology, creative innovation and just the freedom to breath life something sooooo amazing just gets me so stoked! I can’t wait to see what the game designers here at Cogswell will do with this technology when it lands in their laps.