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Game Entrepreneurs Have Trouble Letting Go

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Trip Hawkins

Taking your company from start-up to success and then selling it can feel like selling your first-born child. Most entrepreneurs have put a lot of passion, effort and sleepless nights into raising their infant venture.

Trip Hawkins, Alex Seropian and Tony Goodman share their experiences in the fascinating article in Game Industry International about what it’s like to create something amazing and then whether or not to sell it.

Hawkins is the founder of Electronic Arts, 3DO, Digital Chocolate and the still-in stealth mode, If You Can.

Tony Goodman (left)

Seropian founded Bungie, Wideload Games and now Industrial Toys.

Goodman launched Ensemble Studios, Robot Entertainment and PeopleFun.

Their advice boils down to – if you are in it for the money, rather than something you are passionate

about, that entrepreneurial spirit gets lost and that thing that makes your venture different from the competition is minimized.

What kind of company do you hope to create?

Alex Seropian