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Dare of the Week: 012

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Draw a Monster
Hey Students!

This week we have a special dare that caters to your world right now: Finals Week. I know that finals week can be a terrible and horrifying monster that is only nearly rivaled by the Mid-Terms Monster and that can really stunt creativity. So what kind of solution can we come up with to battle that creative block? Well, how about a dare that helps you visualize what YOUR Finals Week Monster looks like. Make it scary, ugly, mean, sad, cute, fluffy, slimy, alien, dark, gruesome… it doesn’t matter! It’s your monster! Maybe making it cute will help you feel better about your finals!

Dare of the Week: 012
What did your “Finals Monster” look like???

Source File Here:

I have uploaded the guidelines file (above) that the people over at Eat Sheep used to make their monster. I thought maybe having a similar “rig” would be fun to see how people fit the parameters with their monster. The only thing I ask is…FINISH YOUR FINALS FIRST, please. Good luck on all your tests, projects and papers! Can’t wait to see your monsters! (P.S. – I included some examples and even a video tutorial)

Monsters from Eat Sheep

And remember, once you are finished, post those monsters here:


Dare of the Week: 007

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Zombies Dare: Draw Abe Lincoln
Dare time ya’ll! This one is in honor of the release of the amazingly cool trailer; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (and Presidents Day). I got totally inspired to draw something crazy when I saw that trailer and thought maybe you guys could join me. Instead of making you go and do an extravagant painting or drawing I ended up finding this little picture of a sculptural bust of good ol’ Honest Abe. So whats the dare you ask?

Dare of the Week: 007
Do a study of the Abe Lincoln bust, no restrictions.

Here is the source file again for Abe just in case you didn’t see it in the main message.

And remember, post those final images here:


Dare of the Week: 002

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

draw a video game character dressed as another video game character

It is that time of the week people! This weeks dare???

Draw me your favorite video game character dressed as a completely other video game character! HAHA!

And then post them here!!!

Dare of the Week: 001

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Dare of the Week

Yet another new feature I am bringing to the blog is something that I am calling the “Dare of the Week”.

You see, we all need a little inspiration and push to get working sometimes and can be especially true when it comes to our personal work. I have heard many ways of going about keeping your creative juices flowing: 365 Days Project, Weekly Challenges, Daily Inspiration, etc. However, I have seen them work for a good chunk of people but the rest of us tend to dwindle after the first few.

What’s the reason for this? Well, I think its the wording used. Words like “challenge” and “project” have been used too often and in addition to that they make whatever is associated with that sound like “W” word: WORK.

My theory: Let’s get back to our roots as children. Let’s think back to when you were on the playground with your friends and somebody got a crazy idea, what was the first thing that someone said?


And it always seemed to work! The best thing about it was that it wasn’t just to prove to your friends and everyone watching that you could do it, but deep down inside, you wanted to prove it to yourself.

So friends, this is my backhanded gift to you. A weekly dare. It’s going to range from easy to extremely challenging. Who knows, if we keep this up and get a good amount of participation, maybe we could get an area of the school dedicated to displaying the work. Let’s push ourselves everyone!

THIS WEEK’S DARE: Draw me something cute!

After you are done with your dare, throw it up on the Cogswell Facebook page!!!