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Interactive Comics – The Wave of the Future – or Not?

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Artwork and Design by Amelia Davis

One of the panel discussions at Comic Con 2013 focused on how comic book artists and publishers view the new array of devices their fans use to view their favorite comics. With more readers switching to mobile devices, should comics stay static or look at alternative ways to present the material?

As reported by Digital Arts Online, the speakers looked at a number of tools to produce “motion comics” and how this trend might change the art form. One question posed by the article was: Is adding sound and motion to comic-book-style art really a new form of storytelling, or is it an attempt to jam a static format into someplace it doesn’t really belong?

The panelists looked at Madefire’s Motion Book Tool, Smith Micro’s MotionArtist and Comixology .

How do you think adding animation and sound to traditional comics will change the art form?

How the Animation Industry is Becoming More Nimble

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Form 1 3D Printer

Most of you have probably heard about the challenges animation studios and VFX houses have faced in recent years. Costs have spiraled yet the demand for ever-increasing levels of realism have escalated.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and this article in Digital Arts online explores a few of the options that studios have implemented to increase profitability.

Solutions discussed include using more sophisticated software that allows companies to work with smaller budgets, taking a DIY approach to in-house green screen production to augment VFX shots, crossover between 2D and 3D workflow pipelines, 3D printing to create models and using 3D scanning technology.

What other changes do you see happening in the animation industry?