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Where Do Technical Artists and Technical Directors Come From?

Friday, October 16th, 2009


The next time you watch a feature length film or play a video game, take a close look at the credits. You will notice that there is a large number of Technical Artists and Technical Directors.

Yet, if you try to locate a college that offers a degree for this fast growing job title, you will be hard pressed to find one.

You are in luck — Cogswell College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts Engineering that blends programming and art courses into coherent knowledge sets to prepare students for careers as Technical Artists and Technical Directors. These people are a technically adept and artistically trained visual problem solver. In a video game world they know how the artists and designers want to work and how the programmers want the assets. In the motion picture and animation world, they take on every job that 3D animators and 3D modelers cannot do in addition to pipeline support and tools creation. In fact, there are usually more technical artists on a visual effects team than any other type of artist.

This type of unique problem solver is in increasingly high demand. You can read a recent article on last week’s Gamasutra newsletter

To find out more about this unique engineering and art hybrid degree, visit the Cogswell website or contact Dr Hadi Aggoune, Director of Engineering.

-Michael Martin, Dean of the College