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Animal Drawing class goes to San Francisco Zoo

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Cogswell offers an Animal Drawing and Motion class taught by Jeff Jackson and David Perry.  In the class we go over how to draw the animals using the GCAT (Gesture, Construction, Anatomy, and Technique) method.  So far we have learned gesture (capturing the pose of the animal and the rhythm of that pose).  Then we use construction (to solidify the volume and check proportions of our drawing).  We just got our first lecture on anatomy where we understand how the muscles are working under the form.  Technique goes into the style that you draw with and how you carbonize the form or exaggerate it.  Technique also deals with detail like the fur.  For homework we find photographs and video reference and draw form those, but photos and videos can only get you so far. (more…)

Comic layout lecture with comic club president Amelia Davis

Monday, March 14th, 2011
Amelia Davis presenting comic layout

Amelia Davis talking about comic layout

On Friday I gave my very first class in C5 (Cogswell College Comic Creation Club) with the assistance of our club adviser Dave Perry.  I talked about comic layout, going over some of the fundamentals.  I’ve now been working on my own web comic “Unusual Tuesdays” for about a year.  I’ve also worked on personal comics before, so I knew a little to start with; however I did a lot of reading before this lecture, really trying to learn about how different people go about laying out the comic.  My ‘little’ class (of about 9 students, not so little when compared to many of my real classes) went really well, I talked about how to create a nice easy flow to a comic, how one can use panel layout to emphasize an important moment, and I really stressed that, most important of all, one had to keep the storyline clear and easy to understand.   I brought in a whole bunch of comic books of many different genres for my ‘students’ to look at.  There were adventure stories, horror, sci-fi, comedy, superheroes, but my main point with bringing them was to show the similarity with how the artists thought about layout, no matter the genre.

We went on a in-school ‘field trip’ where we walked to our wall covered in comics with a dragon painted over them to take a look at all of the different layouts up there.  On that wall there are hundreds of pages, most with creative layouts and I talked a lot about what I was seeing up there and engaged my students by asking them what they saw and thought about.  They all get an A for participation.

The lecture turned out very well and they all wanted to know when the next class will be, so I’m working up what it will be about.  There were requests for writing and pacing of comics, also for strip comics (like the ones you read in the newspaper) but for that I’ll actually have to dig up some new books as I don’t know as much about how strip comics are made.  Any which way I’m very excited that it went so well and I can’t wait to teach the next one.

–Amelia Davis, President of Comic Creation Club

dragon comic wall

Storyboarding is always fun at Cogswell

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The thumbnails for my storyboard sequence

I’ve just turned in my second project for the storyboard class that’s taught here at Cogswell by Dave Perry (who is a really great teacher).  For this project we boarded a scene about five people traveling through a jungle where one of the guys parts off from the group and then dies then the others have to turn around and find him.  We have to remember to keep screen direction consistent and our climax in mind.  We also had to have at least three camera moves, I had more than that I’m sure.  Unfortunately, I do not have the storyboards to show, but I do have some of my many thumbnails I did for the project, so I’ll show you a few of those.  It was really fun to do, I wish I had had just one more day to polish everything off.  I ended up doing around 80 panels or something like that.  I’m very excited for our next project where we get to storyboard a script.