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What Happened at the Maker Faire???

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Even though I was not one of the lucky attendees of the Maker Faire this year I was still able to get a wonderful play by play of the events that occurred in the span of the weekend. What I found out was certainly words of praise from the children young and old that attended the faire. Everyone who stopped by the Cogswell booth and interacted with the group that composes the new class, Genre Electronica, loved what they saw… or heard, rather. Our group of talented students had a few different setups and were recording sounds from anyone passing by who would be willing to lend their voice. After they recorded some samples from people, they would begin to compose dance music. There was even a couple of young professionals that were begging our students to upload to YouTube the rap that they laid down as part of the demonstration. Overall, this was a spectacular event for Cogswell, Genre Electronica and everyone involved. Congrats to you guys!