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Comic layout lecture with comic club president Amelia Davis

Monday, March 14th, 2011
Amelia Davis presenting comic layout

Amelia Davis talking about comic layout

On Friday I gave my very first class in C5 (Cogswell College Comic Creation Club) with the assistance of our club adviser Dave Perry.  I talked about comic layout, going over some of the fundamentals.  I’ve now been working on my own web comic “Unusual Tuesdays” for about a year.  I’ve also worked on personal comics before, so I knew a little to start with; however I did a lot of reading before this lecture, really trying to learn about how different people go about laying out the comic.  My ‘little’ class (of about 9 students, not so little when compared to many of my real classes) went really well, I talked about how to create a nice easy flow to a comic, how one can use panel layout to emphasize an important moment, and I really stressed that, most important of all, one had to keep the storyline clear and easy to understand.   I brought in a whole bunch of comic books of many different genres for my ‘students’ to look at.  There were adventure stories, horror, sci-fi, comedy, superheroes, but my main point with bringing them was to show the similarity with how the artists thought about layout, no matter the genre.

We went on a in-school ‘field trip’ where we walked to our wall covered in comics with a dragon painted over them to take a look at all of the different layouts up there.  On that wall there are hundreds of pages, most with creative layouts and I talked a lot about what I was seeing up there and engaged my students by asking them what they saw and thought about.  They all get an A for participation.

The lecture turned out very well and they all wanted to know when the next class will be, so I’m working up what it will be about.  There were requests for writing and pacing of comics, also for strip comics (like the ones you read in the newspaper) but for that I’ll actually have to dig up some new books as I don’t know as much about how strip comics are made.  Any which way I’m very excited that it went so well and I can’t wait to teach the next one.

–Amelia Davis, President of Comic Creation Club

dragon comic wall

Exciting projects ahead for Cogswell College Comic Creation Club

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Cogswell's Comic Creation Club Creates Comics

Cogswell College Comic Creation Club (or C5 as we lovingly call it) has started its first comic!  We’re currently working on the writing and layout of the comic, one of my personal favorite parts.  This particular comic is about a knight who wishes to be part of the Queen’s guard, but to be a part of it he must accomplish particular tasks.  Our first comic is about his first task.  We have character designs and some background designs done for the comic and once we have the page layouts done then the penciler will get to start, which means I get to lecture on penciling.

Another thing we’re doing as a club is going to Wondercon in San Francisco.  We’re looking at handing out flyers for the school.  I also hope to talk to some artists that might like to come and present in the future at our school.  There’s a chance that we may even go in costume, we might even have one of our members dressed as Snape from the Harry Potter series.  It looks quite exciting.  Speaking of exciting, I taught another one of our club members how to say ‘excited’ in American Sign Language.  She has hurt herself and cannot speak today, so I helped her out there a bit.

We are also looking at hosting a small Comic Festival (with the help of another Cogswell student club, Andrew Fest, so we’re calling in Comic Fest) for our students where we bring in industry professionals to talk about what they do.  I’m currently talking to some writers and an inker, I just need to find a color artist and a penciler.  Hopefully this event will come together nicely.  We’re also intending to have a costume contest for our cosplayers and a raffle will also hopefully be held as well.  It looks like that will be fun.

On top of that we’re also taking about doing a shortened version of the 24 hour comic, calling it a 12 hour comic.  The idea of the 24 hour comic is to create a 24 page comic in 24 consecutive hours.  You come to the event with no idea about what you’re going to write and draw about and hopefully leave with a completed comic.  We had done the 24 hour comic last semester and found that anyone attending also didn’t finish their homework that weekend, so we’ve changed our game plan to just take one day in the weekend instead of both days.  At the 24 hour comic event we had 2 club members completely finish their comic, all the way to inks and words.  That was myself and another experienced comic writer in the C5 club.  Another student who isn’t in the club but wanted to attend at the event made it all the way to page 24 in blue pencil.  This time it’s a 12 paged comic in 12 hours and you are allowed to bring an idea with you to the event.  Because most of our club members are new to comic creating I sort of want to have something that’s not quite as intense as the 24 hour comic.

- Amelia, C5 Club President