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Catching the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Friday, March 25th, 2011

If you missed it this morning, we were the host of Founders Space in the Silicon Valley. There were around 30 founders from different industries with companies who wanted advice for early stage to late stage ventures. Among the crowd were several of our entrepreneurship students, all actively taking part in the discussions. The three panelists briefly talked about their investment background, but the topic quickly became what they look for in when investing in a company. Don Reinke, Peter Craddock, and Andy Bartley all gave excellent advice about taking money from angels and vcs, how to become investment ready, and as a treat, their opinions on the future of some industries. After every point from the panel the room was a hypnotic synchronization of head nods.

Even though this event was groundbreaking for our new Entrepreneurship program at Cogswell, it will definitely not be the last of its kind. Staying true to the world of entrepreneurship, we are letting our students get their hands dirty and become immersed into the Silicon Valley culture. Trish Costello, the mastermind behind this innovative degree,  created the program to produce not just world-ready entrepreneurs, but also fully established ventures.

Cogswell has become a mecca of creativity and innovation. Collaboration is innate for our students and the outcome of which will set us en par with the world’s top business schools. We truly are entrepreneurs at heart, n’est pas?