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Back from the break, did you see any Cogswell alumni films?

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Welcome back from the short Thanksgiving break!  With a lack of warm bodies last week, the campus is a little bit chilly today, but will soon be warm and bustling as students come back for classes.  There are only three weeks left in this semester, so many students will be completely booked with final projects, exams, and making plans for the upcoming winter break from Cogswell classes.  Some will fly home, some will embark on epic road trips, and some will stay close and spend the holidays in the bay area.  Whichever happens, I know the break will be well-deserved and definitely needed!  You can tell by the picture that it’s definitely crunch time.

In the world of the alumni,  Cogswell had representation in the latest Dreamworks film, Megamind.  Alumni on board were: Carrie VanEtten (1998) Paint Fix Artist, Amy Jones (1999) Lead Lighting, Marc Miller (1999) Lead Lighter and Steven Sorensen (1998) Layout Artist.  The film debuted at the top spot, and is still enjoying a run in the top spots of weekend movie-goers and a favorite among current Cogswellians as well.  It is really motivational to see Cogswell graduates in the credits of feature films, and in places that we all wish to be.


Are you going to the Entrepreneur’s Workshop?

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

It’s only two more days until the Entrepreneur’s Workshop.  Are you going?  If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, it’s not too late to RSVP.  Just fill out the form on the Entrepreneur’s Workshop page.  At the workshop, you’ll learn by doing. There are simulations lined up to give students experiences in marketing and exercises in product design.  Following the interactive activities is a panel with Cogswell Alum Ash Monif, COO and Executive Producer of Subatomic Studies, and serial entrepreneur Dan Marques, who has seen much success with his involvment in online marketing for Gemvara. The panelists are there to answer any questions you might have regarding your own ventures, so come out to the Entrepreneur’s Workshop and learn how to make your goals reality!  The event is free, and is also open to current Cogswell students, so this may be prime time for prospective students to ask questions of current students as well.

In other news, today is the Thanksgiving potluck!  This has been a highly anticipated event for everyone on campus.  What’s the excitement about food, you may ask?  Everyone from student, staff, and faculty can show off their culinary prowess.  Where else can you get a taste of the best macaroni and cheese in the world made by the Assistant Admissions Director?  Or the most phenomenal green bean casserole from your Professor?  It’s fascinating to see who is equally talented in the kitchen as they are in sculpture, programming, or music composition.

Cogswell Students in Finals Week & Campus Holiday Hours

Friday, December 11th, 2009
Cogswell student Nathan Hillier takes a much needed nap on the Game Club couch.

Cogswell student Nathan Hillier takes a much needed nap on the Game Club couch.

Finals week is always apparent at Cogswell – you find students sleeping on couches, walking around looking like zombies or comparing with others which day and time they will be completely done with their finals. By the end of today, most students should be finished with their final and start their 4 week long holiday break!

When asked what they thought about finals, the students answered the following: (more…)

Ambassador Blog by Rachel Staley, Digital Audio Technology Major

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

RachelStaleyHi! My name is Rachel Staley and I am an Ambassador at Cogswell College. I am a Senior this year and my degree program is Digital Audio Technology with a concentration in Audio Production. Someday I hope to do sound effects realm for film or sound composition for games.

My favorite class this semester is Style and Idea in Music. Every week I’m learning about what exactly characterizes different music genres. There are weekly composition assignments where we put our new found knowledge to the test and write in styles we might not be familiar with. My most challenging class is C Programming because it’s like learning a different language, literally.

This semester I’m looking forward to the events that aren’t even planned yet. Haha! We have a revamped ASB with a lot of fresh faces, so I’m looking forward to the new ideas for outings… maybe an ice skating night? Perhaps?

Ambassador Blog by Josh Hodges, Digital Art & Animation Major

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


Hi! My name is Josh Hodges and I am an Ambassador at Cogswell College. I am a Senior in Digital Art & Animation Program – majoring in Entertainment Design (wanting to be a character and creature concept artist).

My favorite and most challenging class this semester is Project X. It sparks my creativity and pushes me beyond my limits and minimal sleep requirements. I love it though, it’s what I want to do for the rest of my career in the industry.

I DJ many events at Cogswell and love them all. The event I am looking forward to is a “work in progress.” It’s going to be a really relaxed – chill out night – I visualize low lights, couches, maybe some mixed drinks (virgin of course) and some really chill lounge/club/low-fi music.

Cogswell Students Host Casino Night

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


The Cogswell College Associated Student Body (ASB) once again hosted a successful Casino Night! This eagerly anticipated annual event kicks off the new school year and gives students the chance to see old friends and meet the new students. The theme of this year’s event was 1920’s speakeasy.

The ASB hired a professional company to set up and operate the Craps, Roulette and Blackjack tables to refresh the memories of experience players and help novices learn to play. Other tables were set out for poker where Cogswell’s President, Chet Haskell, dealt hands for most of the night.

A bar was set up with mixed juice drinks, all with names of prominent people from the 20’s era like Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin and Houdini. Ginger Cafe provided hors d’ouvers for everyone’s munching enjoyment. The Committee spent a lot of time decorating the Dragon’s Den and making sure there were spots perfect for photo opportunities.

The night concluded with a costume contest with the winners being Christian Henderson and Jessica “Psy” DeLacy. Great job ASB on another fantastic event!!

~ Rachael Reisdorf, Design Coordinator