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Cogswell Holiday Break

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Happy Holidays from Cogswell!  We wish everyone a safe and delightful holiday season, whichever holiday you are celebrating, be it Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas!

Take note, the campus will be closed from Friday, December 24 until Sunday, January 2, 2011.


Cogswell prepares for December holidays

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Today will be the annual tree trimming party here at Cogswell College!  Located in the lobby, the scent of fresh pine greeted everyone who walked in this morning.  The annual get together brings students, teachers, and staff together for a traditional activity that is familiar to much of the Cogswell population.  Refreshments are provided, holiday tunes fill the air, and smiles are plastered on the faces of those taking part, watching, and/or stuffing their faces with holiday sweets.

In addition to the small party, the tree trimming is a reminder for faculty, staff, and students to take part in the annual Holiday Wish Drive of Family Giving Tree.  During the Cogswell Thanksgiving potluck in November, members of the Cogswell community were given the opportunity to pick up a wish card and fulfill the request of a child this holiday season.  At the end of the lunch, every wish card was found to be taken!  As a reminder to those who intend on fulfilling a wish, please give your unwrapped gift and the accompanying wish card to Lucy McDonald by December 14th.  There are also donation envelopes available if anyone wishes to give a monetary donation.


The insiders tell all… a mini-series of blogs

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Cogswell students are an exceptional bunch.  Each one coming from a unique background and collecting at this institution of art, engineering, and innovation.  I have chosen to give these movers and shakers a voice in the online Cogswell community, because I believe they can give you an insight into Cogswell Polytechnical College that no admissions representative, faculty member, or staff member is capable of telling.

Cogswell students are passionate, and I hope that this will come across in the interviews soon to follow.  Each week, one member of the Cogswell student body will be showcased in a Q&A session hosted by me.  Hard hitting questions will be the main event, as I explore and reveal the many psyches that make up the eclectic student body.  Each interview is going to allow readers into the student scene of Cogswell, giving a different perspective and spin on the Cogswell experience for those curious about the student culture here at Cogswell Polytechnical College.

The blog series is comprised of students from all programs: Digital Art and Animation, Digital Arts Engineering, Digital Audio Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering.  For whatever your interest, check back weekly to see if the student exposé matches what degree you may be interested in!