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Halloween has passed, but look for an upcoming Cogswell ski trip!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

cogswell freestyle skiiing from creative commons

Midterms have passed, but it appears that there’s still quite a lot of buzz on campus.  The Cogswell Women’s  Club has been revamped this semester and they’re working to get guest speakers in hope of inspiring the female population.  When they do start booking, I’m really looking forward to hearing an insider and getting the female perspective in male dominated industries.  Not only are there more serious events in the works, but the club actually hosted the yearly Halloween party last weekend, which was pretty cool, and left many of the Cogswell population in either a sugar high or sugar coma.

On the note of clubs, Game Club has a few games to unveil at the next ASB meeting.  These have been a part of a project started at the beginning of the fall semester to create playable games.  I’ve heard all of the winning ideas, but I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to say. Game Club is also getting geared to host a game night, which is going to be HUGE.  It’s always a good turn out and why wouldn’t it be?  There’s free food and prizes involved, and of course, FUN!

ASB, as I have mentioned before, which stands for Associated Student Body, our student government, is planning a… SKI TRIP!  It’s been a couple of years since Cogswell had one, so I’m super stoked!  I’m crossing my fingers for an overnight to Tahoe just so I can play in the snow.  I don’t even have to ski or whatever, I just want to see some snow!  Moving from the frigid winters of Ohio to the slightly cold and rainy ones of California has me jonesin’ for some snowball fights.