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Back from successful weekend of Cogswell events!

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

This past weekend, we had tons of buzz on the Cogswell campus, and the energy has overflowed into this Monday!  First, the Entrepreneur’s Workshop was a major success!  So many excited students with their parents came out despite the heavy downpour/monsoon that raged on outside.   I had the to opportunity to speak with a few of the high school students, and they were equally inquisitive as they were willing to share their own goals.  Much to my delight, and surprise, there were quite a few prospects who were interested in the Digital Audio Technology program, in addition to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, and they were coming from high schools that were already laying down foundations of audio work.  Very cool to hear that other levels of academia are moving toward the goal of infusing more technological programs into their curriculum.  The panelists were really insightful, and made themselves available to everyone for talking or even as a mentor.

After the day’s event passed, the night life sprang up in the Dragon’s Den at around 8:00pm.  The lighting system pulsed, the DJ beats were thumping (and you could feel it in your stomach), patrons danced, and the energy was through the roof.  I saw some of the most dynamic dancers on Saturday night, and those images are burned into my mind, but definitely in the best way possible.  There were sodas, water, and Redbull on sale to keep the dancers hydrated and hyped. Among the lineup stars, we had Cogswell’s very own DJ Zombie, aka Josh Hodges, getting the crowd pumped for the main act Vendor & Battery.  In addition to the happening environment at Cogswell in the Dragon’s Den, the Radio Club streamed the show for those who couldn’t brave the continuing monsoon outside.

Being one of the original creators of the Radio Club and wanting to get shows off of the ground, I have to say I was in awe of the success that these guys had.  The show was definitely proof that the Radio Club has “it.”  Whatever “it” is, they have it.  They upped the ante, and the next show is going to be more awesome that this one, and this past show was unbelievably good!  Check back for more pictures soon!

Bring Your Own Bass presents: Vendor & Battery

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!  The Cogswell Radio Club is hosting a concert, the highly anticipated show:  Bring Your Own Bass presents: Vendor & Battery.  Check out the flyer for all the details!  Plus, if you are visiting Cogswell for the Entrepreneur’s Workshop, feel free to come back and enjoy some fresh music.

Concert series fall 2010 debut with Vendor and Battery

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Photo taken by Jessica DeLacy

Sponsored and produced by the Radio Club, the concert series begins again this fall!  The first show of the year is a showcase of electronic music with the headliner Vendor and Battery.  Hailing from Northern California, the group produces electro-dance beats that get you moving before you even know what’s going on.  Other acts include DJ sets from fellow Cogswell students who have the skills to ellicit your inner dancing queen, or king.  Cost at the door is $5, free for VIP.  For more information on acquiring VIP status, Cogswell students can check their email and contact members of the Radio Club.  The show is scheduled for November 20th, which happens to be the same day as our Entrepreneurs Workshop.  If you are attending the workshop/open house, feel free to stay for the evening and attend Friday Night Live to unwind after a productive day!

The concert series began a few years ago, beginning with the first installment of Radio Club staff.  The intention was to feature local/independent performers that would also receive airplay on the Internet based stream.  The first series, known as Friday Night Live, was produced by students for students, with every aspect of the production being covered by a member of the Cogswell community.  This included:  scouting for talent, booking, running the sound mix, and grassroots advertising.  Through these responsibilities, Cogswell students had a firsthand look at what is involved in the business of the live show, involving everything from official building clearances, fire codes, and hiring security to refreshment sales, organization, and communication among everyone involved.  Students new to Cogswell as of this semester have teamed up with upperclassmen to revive the Radio Club and concerts.

The events provide experience in the live aspect of audio for anyone who wishes to get involved.  It is not exclusive to Digital Audio Technology majors, but it also extremely beneficial to their knowledge of the field, as many of the principles of audio production are applied to the live environment as they are applied to the studio environment.  With that said, students interested in producing shows or involvement in radio are encouraged to check out the Radio Club and get plugged-in to the happenings of the club!