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Bret Sweet, Delivers Keynote at NAACP College Expo

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Bret Sweet (right) talks to students at the Expo.

Cogswell College Entrepreneurship professor, Bret Sweet, took center stage at the NAACP California and Hawaii Youth & College Expo at the San Mateo Marriott, October 25, 2012. In a 45-minute keynote, Sweet spoke to a room full of junior and senior high school students attending the expo to research potential colleges and to hear Professor Sweet’s motivational keynote.

Cogswell College participated in the exhibit, the booth staffed by Sweet and Cogswell software engineering student, Michelle Washington. Other participating colleges included UC Berkeley, Wesley College and Brown University, among others.

Sweet was introduced to the room full of spirited youth by the NAACP Youth & College Expo co-chair, Ariana Noble. Sweet conveyed the importance of entrepreneurship in education with clever, hard-hitting lines such as, “Ever see a broke nerd?” and “Ladies like to go out with nerds because they make money,” which brought howls of laughter to the room.

He recognized Michelle Washington from the podium, as she sat in the back of the room, and highlighted the fact that she was an engineering student and someday wanted to have her own electric car company. The room was rapt in processing this, the fact that their dreams could become reality with an education and the proper mindset.

Sweet took questions after the keynote for almost as a long as he spoke, each student visibly inspired by his presentation and the possibilities it raised for their future.

The conference was attended by the top NAACP officers and committee chairs from both the Hawaii and California chapters.