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Happy Founder’s Day Cogswell College!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

On March 19, 1887 Cogswell College made its appearance in a solemn ceremony presided over by Henry Cogswell and his wife, Carolyn. The goal – then as now – was to prepare young men and women for the professional, technical industries of the day. Things have changed a bit since 1887.

In the early days, men majored in mechanical arts, draughtsman, steam engineering and surveying while women majored in commercial trades (meaning secretarial) or domestic sciences. By the early 1950’s the focus shifted to engineering and included majors in electrical, mechanical, structural and civil engineering.

Today – as one of the first institutions to offer degrees in the newly emerging digital media industry in 1990, Cogswell continues its project-based learning model and produces highly-skilled graduates in animation, game design, sound design, audio engineering, digital arts engineers and software engineers.

In 2012 Cogswell launched its first Masters degree program in Entrepreneurship. Where better to mentor the next generations of digital media and creative innovators than Silicon Valley!

Congratulations Cogswell College on reaching 126 years!