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The Future of Video Games – Is It in the Cloud?

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Thomas Bidaux, former development director at NCsoft, CEO of online game consulting firm ICO partners, and advisory board member for GDC Next; was recently interviewed by Gamasutra about his thoughts on where the video game industry is heading. In his opinion, one of the big influencers in how games are made and played will be using cloud technology.

  • While he thinks cloud computing still has much to prove to convince him, he does see a lot of untapped potential from cloud computing in the way games are conceived. A few other points he covered during the interview include:
  • How he sees the rise of cloud computing tech changing the industry – the best change would be those that players don’t even notice, convenience.
  • What does he see as the challenges of content creation changing in the future – user generated content requires good UI, good documentation because game developers are basically running a project inside their project.

What other changes do you think cloud computing technology will make to video game development?

Cloud Computing is Changing the Face of the Animation Industry

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

A decade ago if you couldn’t get your hands on a huge server farm, your animation output was limited. Studios invested a lot of money acquiring the resources they needed to create their films.

Now the advent of cloud computing has opened the door to small and mid-sized companies in their pursuit to produce high-quality animation products. Cloud Service providers deliver the computing resources in a more cost-effective way, that make it possible for smaller firms to compete in the marketplace.

In this article by Xath Cruz in Cloud Times, he examines the animation industry’s challenges along with the power that cloud computing puts in the hands of even amateur animators.

Have you used cloud computing for one of your projects?

Dr. Hadi Aggoune on Technical Committee for Cloud Computing Conference

Friday, September 4th, 2009
Dr. Hadi Aggoune, left, works with a student in Cogswell's engineering lab.

Dr. Hadi Aggoune, left, works with a student in Cogswell's engineering lab.

Dr. Hadi Aggoune, Chair of the Roy A. Anderson Professor of Engineering and Director of Engineering Programs at Cogswell Polytechnical College, is serving on the Technical Committee for the 2010 Cloud Computing Academic Conference. The conference is scheduled to take place in Singapore at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel May 3 and 4.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization is an annual conference which brings together International experts to share new methods, theories on the complete advantage of the benefits of key areas of Cloud Computing, Security, Infrastructure, Hurdles, Enterprise, advanced benefits of Virtualization, High availability, Disaster recovery, Policy-based management, IT optimization and the move beyond servers and out to desktops and applications.

Dr. Aggoune’s work on the Technical Committee will focus on reviewing the papers submitted by various researchers, academics, and practitioners for presentation at the Conference.