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Ambassador Blog by Josh Hodges, Digital Art & Animation Major

Monday, April 26th, 2010

JoshHodgesHi! My name is Josh Hodges and I am an Ambassador at Cogswell College. I am a Senior in Digital Art & Animation Program – majoring in Entertainment Design.

How are your classes coming now that we’re getting to the end of the semester?  What’s the hardest (most challenging, takes the most work, however you want to work it) class?  What’s the easiest class?

My classes are getting a little bunched up, finals are piling up but I always push though. My most challenging class is still Project X, it is constantly pushing my limits and making me learn new things. I never thought I would be doing texture and shader work on a movie but now I am, and I love it. I usually go to movies and look at the design work and art direction but I recently went to see How To Train Your Dragon and found myself checking out all the texture work on it. I loved that movie. My easiest class this semester is probably Ethics, even though I have a 10 page paper due soon. It is a fun and interesting class where we discuss different schools of ethical thought. On top of that, it is taught by Richard Schimpf, this is one of the coolest teachers on campus.

What has been your most favorite class while at Cogswell?  Were there any classes that you took that you thought you might not like at first but then ended up loving? (more…)