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Cogswell College Christmas Past

Monday, December 21st, 2009

From the Cogswell Spirit Builder, December 19, 1935


Merry Christmas
Our Skating Party

“Was it a success? And how! What? Why the skating party, of course.

Cogswell’s first skating party was held on Thursday night, December 12, at the Iceland Skating Rink. Those who attended had a great time, the event being marred by only one incident, and that was when the announcement was made that the Cogswell “High School” (note Cogswell became a Junior College in 1932) would take the floor.

The event following this announcement was a peanut race, which provided many laughs. Teams were chosen, and each team was given a stick and a peanut. The idea was for every member of each team to skate across the floor, balancing the peanut on the end of the stick. The winning team (and lots of others) received candy bars for their efforts.

Harry Loretz, chairman of the affair, and his committee are to be congratulated on the success of the party. The committee consisted of Meredith Amass, Irene Petrie, Mary Robert, Bill Winter, Helen Ondry, Ray Barker, and Laurette Vautier.

Everyone had a great time, and the cry seems to be, “WHEN DO WE GO AGAIN?”

From the Cogswell Spirit Builder, December 18, 1940

christmas2A Message from Mr. Dodd (Cogswell’s President)

“The Christmas season is upon us, and all around we shall be hearing the trite expression “Merry Christmas.” If we would stop for the moment and try to visualize world conditions as they appear today, I am afraid we could not truthfully feel that it is a time for merriment.

The world is in a mess – probably the worst it has ever known. Although we, as a nation, are beyond the pale of armed conflict, most of us have ties of some sort that must make us mindful, at least, of the famine, the privation, and the suffering which most of the world must endure.

But we are not without hope. Yes – we can do better than hope, (for hope implies the possibility of failure) – we can live in the knowledge that out of it all will be a rebirth of “Peace on Earth – Good Will to Men.”

We await Merry Christmas.”
-Robert W. Dodd (more…)