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An Inside Look at Audio Mastering Techniques

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Students mastering a video in Cogswell's Post Production Studio

The goal of the audio engineer when mastering a recording is to make sure it sounds better going out the door than it did coming in. This detailed article on Discmakers features excerpts from Mastering with Ozone: 2013 Edition and is filled with helpful insights into the mastering process.

From “it all begins with the mix” to “diagnosing common problems” to “mastering quick tips” audio enthusiasts are sure to find something of interest here.

What mastering tips would you share?

A Day in the Life of an Audio Engineer

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Spliggityfidge Studio

Want a quick peek into what an audio engineer does? Then watch this short video by Kevin Weber, owner of Spliggityfidge in Emeryville, CA as he walks you through some of the things you need to know to enter this profession.

So much of what Kevin says is mirrored in the coursework and teaching approach of Cogswell College’s Digital Audio Technology degree program.

He talks about the importance of working in a fun and aesthetically pleasing environment. Cogswell’s studios and classes are designed around these principles.

His background in engineering was key to his success since it emphasized problem-solving. Cogswell focuses on giving students the tools they need to tackle any challenge.

He also discussed the need for a technical education but also just jumping in taking on some recording projects. His advice meshes well with Cogswell’s emphasis on providing project-based learning experiences.

All of the changes in the audio industry have opened up a lot of opportunities for skilled audio engineers.