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From Rocket Scientist to Animator

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

So how do you go from being an engineering student to an animator? According to Cogswell student, Robert Mariazeta, you identify and then follow your dream. Since coming to Cogswell, Robert started the Animation Club, is working in Studio E and was one of the 5 Cogswell students selected by Disney to attend their 2013 Inspire Day.

In this short video, Robert talks about the journey that brought him to Cogswell to major in animation, his love of the field and why he thinks it’s important to be a ‘T’ shaped worker.

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An Animation Career with Real World Application

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Many companies want their customers to step into their world – that’s where a good animator comes in. Your skills give people the chance to explore, experience and learn more about a company.  Animation is used in many different industries beyond entertainment and getting a great education from Cogswell College can teach you the skills you need.

Are you curious by nature or been known to take things apart just to see if you can put it back together? Then you might have a knack for mechanical animation. Mechanical animation can be found in almost any industry – from the auto industry creating auto simulations to the small appliance industry providing a demo on how a product works. Creating these things digitally gives consumers life-like simulations and lets them truly experience a product.

Are you more interested in visually wandering through a landscape during the planning and designing phase?  Then landscape or architectural animation may be a better fit for you. It used to be that landscaping and architecture renderings were all hand drawn, static images before bringing the project to life. But in recent years with the advances in technology, it makes much more sense to have digital, interactive animations of the environment.  Architecture, landscaping and interior design are very different from how people expect to use their animation skills but are still very rewarding careers that you might find far more suited to your tastes. The base skill sets aren’t much different; it’s how you apply them that drives the career.

Cogswell’s Digital Arts and Animation degree program can prepare you for a career in animation and will teach you the skills needed to take your career in any number of different directions. The “craft” of animation plays a major role in our  education program and will help you succeed no matter what career path you wish to take.

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Cogswell Insiders: Episode 3

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

It’s the triumphant return of Cogswell Insiders! For this installment we have Aaron Miner, President of the Cogswell club Dragons Den Productions. This man has taken it upon himself – with the aide of a few others – to create a hub for creative minds of all artistic skill to create animated films.

Davain: Thank you for coming by to do the interview Aaron.

Aaron: I’m more than happy to represent Dragons Den Productions

Davain: So my first question for you is what was the process in forming DDP? (more…)

NY City International Film Festival Set to Screen “Worlds Apart”

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

For the second year in a row a Cogswell College Production is an Official Selection of the NY City International Film Festival. The most recent Project X film, Worlds Apart, will follow its predecessor onto the big screens of Times Square in addition to being shown in one of the nearby theaters.

The NYCIFF takes place from August 11 to August 21 and will host 300 films from 46 countries. The Red Carpet Gala will be held at the historic Hudson Theater on August 18.

The film was produced under the auspices of Project X, a unique curriculum design that delivers the learning experience based on a professional studio model. Under the direction of Animation faculty member and long-time professional animator, Michael Huber, students take the film from concept to post production. The class is only available at Cogswell College. Students, selected through a portfolio review and interview process, worked tirelessly for three semesters to produce this studio-quality, short film. They were supported by a massive collaborative effort from faculty, staff, visiting artists, industry professionals and alumni.

This is the second film festival that has announced its showing of Worlds Apart! Here’s to many more!

Cogswell Trailer Now Available to Watch on YouTube

Friday, October 1st, 2010


Cogswell alumnus, Michael McConnell (2009), who works on campus with board member Michael Novak for their company Tertia, recently created a trailer for Cogswell to show to high school students.  The video is fast-paced and in one word, epic.  Thanks to Michael for lending his endless amount of talent! 

See the trailer here: