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Cogswell College Presence at AES 2012 San Francisco Goes Beyond the Booth

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

This year’s Audio Engineering Society (AES) Conference, held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, was graced by a lively Cogswell DAT booth and behind-the-scenes activity that began long before this year’s event. The AES conferences are the largest gathering of audio professionals in the world, held each year in the US and Europe.

The Cogswell booth demonstrated how sound effects and scoring enhanced the animated student film, “Worlds Apart,”  featured our Genre Electronica class tracks on  an iTunes playlist and an electric guitar in the busy show aisle with a student-built guitar amplifier. Students and conference attendees were happy to sit for a few moments and show their chops on the amplified instrument.

Beyond the booth, Cogswell DAT professor, Timothy Duncan; Systems Administrator, Evan Peebles and alumnus, Michael McConnell have all served as Volunteer Co-Chairs. Professor Duncan and Peebles in 2008, Peebles and McConnell in 2010 and this year’s 2012 event. Additionally, McConnell was the 2012 Facilities Chair for AES. What does a Volunteer Co-Chair do?

As Volunteers Co-Chairs, Peebles and McConnell worked with the Convention Committee to help plan for the convention. This involved finding, organizing, overseeing and deploying volunteers with the goal of making a convention with tens of thousands of attendees going to hundreds of events run smoothly.  This year they sought out and received nominations from nearly 30 college advisors from around the world in order to find 160 of the best volunteers.

Volunteers give up a day to help the convention in trade for a full program badge. Recognizable in bright orange tee-shirts, Cogswell College had over 18 students volunteering at this year’s convention.

By offering this chance to students, AES helps introduce those starting out in the industry to the benefits of professional organizations. This opportunity allows them to play an important role, giving them the chance to not only meet, but work with some of the heads of the audio industry. This also gives students who couldn’t otherwise afford the full program pass, the option of accessing the educational sessions.

Cogswell Participation in Audio Engineering Society Conference

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Cogswell College announced its participation as an exhibitor at the 2012 Audio Engineering Society Conference, October 26-29, 2012 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. In their booth #1211, the college will:

  • Demonstrate how their sound effects and score enhanced the short, animated film “Worlds Apart” produced at Cogswell
  • Showcase student synthesis projects
  • Promote a DAT CD Project and the Genre Electronica class tracks on iTunes Playlist
  • Showcase special project class student-built guitar amplifier

“The AES conference is the best opportunity that we have to create industry partnerships, secure internships and collaborative projects for the students, and close key educational equipment deals,” says Professor Timothy Duncan, Director of the Digital Audio Technology (DAT) program at Cogswell College.  “As one of the most important conferences in the audio industry, we are thrilled to participate at this year’s event.”

Just last month, Cogswell’s Digital Audio Technology program appointed Julius Dobos, as a Distinguished Lecturer. As a film score- and electronic music composer, mixing- and mastering engineer, sound designer and business owner, Dobos will offer Cogswell’s Digital Audio Technology students a proven model of professional excellence.

In August, the school announced that three of their DAT students were recipients of the MTV Act/Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards, winning two gold awards for their music videos and a third gold for Best Narrative. All three are student volunteers for this year’s AES conference.

DAT adjunct faculty member, Bob Megantz, is this year’s AES Conference Facilities Chair. Megantz oversees the recently-created Dragonhearts, Cogswell’s new nine-member student rock band.

Cogswell’s Systems Administrator, Evan Peebles and Cogswell alumnus, Michael McConnell, are Co-Chairs for the 2012 AES Conference student volunteer program, and will be working with over 160 volunteers from dozens of schools. The program allows the student volunteers to receive a full program badge for their services, exposing them to world-class audio professionals and educational seminars. Cogswell will be represented by 18 student volunteers, helping thousands of attendees on the tradeshow floor.

This week, Cogswell College launched a Master of Art in Entrepreneurship & Innovation” that includes a concentration in audio engineering. The DAT program includes audio production, game audio production, audio engineering, game audio programming and independent artist tracks.