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Jump Start Your Animation Mojo

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Cogswell College knows what it takes to take your talent from beginner to pro – but here’s a helpful article in 3D World Magazine with a few tips to help you decide if animation is the right path for you.

Their 10 tips include: the best use of your time (don’t waste time playblasting), how to approach each scene (treat each phrase like it’s own shot), dealing with facial expressions (it’s about motion not poses) and troubleshooting (bookend trouble spots).

It’s a challenge for artists to step back from their work and keep moving forward before each shot is perfect.

Check out the trailer from “Worlds Apart” an award-winning, short animation produced by Cogswell’s Project X class.

Allen Stetson Featured in 3D World Magazine

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Allen-StetsonCogswell alumnus, Allen Stetson (class of 1999), Lead Technical Director at DreamWorks, was featured in the ‘Inspiration’ section of 3D World Magazine’s December 2008 issue.

In the article he describes how after viewing the film, The Little Mermaid, in seventh grade he became fascinated by the way the artists handled light and the distortion of movement through water. He knew then, that this is the field in which he wanted to build his career and Cogswell was the college he chose to make his dreams a reality.

Cogswell recognized Allen as its Silicon Valley Campus Alumnus of the Year at Founders’ Day in March 2008. The award is given to alumni who have made contributions to their professions and had an impact on Cogswell.

Click here to read the interview.

Click here to learn more about Cogswell’s animation degree program.

Bonnie Phelps, Dean of Institutional Advancement