About the Program

The Digital Audio Technology program offers a unique project-based experience that blends music theory, studio production and audio engineering.  The goal of the program is to raise individual artistic production to a professional level while providing opportunities for students to build a portfolio of client-oriented projects to maximize opportunities in the audio, video game and film industries.

The curriculum includes Studio Production, Sound Synthesis, Soundtrack Production, Audio Mastering, Audio Software Development (for Audio Software Development & Engineering majors) and Music Theory and Composition (for Audio & Music Production majors). 

Cogswell has several studios where students get hands-on experience with industry standard software programs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, PureData, Adobe Audition, Audacity as well as FMOD and Wwise for game integration.  The studios also contain equipment such as an 8 channel Millenia Pre Amp, Pro Tools HDX 192 audio interface, and a wide range of synthesizers including the rare Crumar Spirit (one of the 260 units ever built), the Ensoniq Fizmo, and the coveted Yamaha CS-60.  Our gear also includes Neumann, Mojave Audio, AKG, Focusrite, CAD, Sennheiser, Shure and Crown microphones.