Career Services

Cogswell's Career Development Center provides an array of services and resources to assist students and alumni in their career development. Career workshops offer sessions on interviewing skills, resume writing, cover letters, job search strategies, as well as portfolio and demo reel preparation. Seekers can also view and search for positions on the Cogswell website. Career Development is a partnership between staff and students

We are not a placement center that merely finds a job for a student. We are instead a place of learning for a lifetime of employment. In order to be successful, each side must actively participate.

The Career Development Center Staff will...

  • be prepared to offer career guidance and to teach effective job search skills using a variety of resources and strategies.
  • provide students/alumni access to the an electronic Job Board and update postings weekly.
  • listen to students' questions and concerns and provide constructive recommendations.
  • be available to guide students/alumni with locating potential employment opportunities that may not be readily available or obvious using traditional methods.

Students/Alumni will...

  • take responsibility and devote adequate time to manage their own career search.
  • be active in their own job search, asking questions and preparing points to discuss prior to any appointments.
  • submit all application materials to a prospective employer in a timely manner to reflect positively on all Cogswell students/alumni.

The Career Development Office has the following resources available to assist students:

  • website resources such as, a compilation of game companies around the globe, created by a Cogswell alum;
  • magazines and bulletins;
  • books and career guides in digital arts;
  • job descriptions and salary ranges;
  • resume writing information, interviewing tips, and job search strategies.